Friday’s Song – “WE DON’T NEED ANOTHER HERO” (Tina Turner)





I saw the new Mad Max (Mad Max Fury Road) this week….my impressions? A really good film, with a good cast (Charlize Theron, Tom Hardy and other good artists) and a interesting screen play that make us breathless from the begin until the end. I’m a real geek, and usually I follow everything about cinema, games, movies, etc, and when I heard the news about a Mad Max film it sounded absolutely exciting to me, mainly because Tom Hardy was at the high point of his career without forgetting Charlize Theron’s important role like Tina Turner in the last one.

It is impossible to compare with the previous films, in my opinion at least. More technology, more action scenes and doesn’t follow one from the last one (Mad Max Under the Thunderdrome). However I would like to say that it lacked a good song like “We Don’t Need Another Hero”, that was immortalized as the Mad Max song in the 80s. I would give it Ten out of  ten, even saying that it is better than “The Avengers Age Of Ultron,” I’m sorry Marvel fans.



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